We are a small business with a big mission to design a kind to nature and kind to your skin daily face mask. We have sourced the softest sustainable organic cotton to produce a mask that will provide not only a safe barrier but also a comfortable fit and feel. The high quality fabric and easy design make them perfect for washing daily, always having a clean one packed and ready to go in the cotton carry bag which comes with every purchase of three masks.

The masks come in a range of colours and in two varying types of cotton. The Bourton Oxford uses a cool, textured cotton pique and is designed to fit the whole family; XS is fitted for children from around the age of 9. The Bourton comes in a super soft jersey cotton with an antibacterial finish and in two sizes to fit all adults. Both styles have a nose wire, pocket for a filter if required and machine washable.

We hope that by bringing you The Cotswold Mask Company we will help to eliminate the escalating plastic waste from disposable masks and create a softer, sustainable and more organic generation of face mask.